Computer Science & Application

Welcome to Department of Computer Science & Application

What is Computer Science & Applications ?

Computer Science and Application is basically a hybrid discipline of Engineering, Science and Management. The courses run under the discipline are designed under the consideration of job and market demands in the field of Computer Science. So this is a real life discipline who interacts almost all disciplines.

Nowadays computer is utilizing everywhere, we can say that computer is now not a subject it is tools and technology which supports all the activity of the world. And the work of various disciplines done by the help of computer is accountable under the banner Computer Science and Applications. Application of computer covers research to marketing, education to space science, geo-informatics to astrology, medical science to cognitive science. So as per the modern it is one of the Omni directional streams to study.

Department of Computer Science & Application @ Madhav:

The department of Computer Science & Applications of Madhav University is run under the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. The University is recognize by UGC and Department is also approved by AICTE. Therefore it is sure that the degree concern to CSA department is well recognized. Similarly the objective of department is to produce quality and productive human resources for the nation.

Department of Computer Science and Application are well equipped by resources, Library, Labs and comfort class room and lecture theaters. IT crazens club is platform where students and teachers may furnish their skill for challenges. All the Staff of department is at least Post-graduate qualified with sufficient experience. The doctoral faculty is also serving for the department. Several faculty members have received their degrees and research degrees from ‘A’ graded universities. Our students actively participate in organizing various events such as technical workshops. Several faculty members and students are actively engaged in research and regularly publish their work in international journals and conferences.

Programs offered by Computer Science & Application:


Name of Course


Fees (Yearly)




1 Yr

Rs. 40,000

12th any stream



3 Yrs

Rs. 40,000

12th any stream



Information Technology

3 Yrs

Rs. 40,000

12th PCM/ PCB(M)

Computer Science



1 Yr

Rs. 40,000




3 Yrs

Rs. 60,000

BCA / Graduation with maths (min 50%)

2 Yrs (Lateral entry)

PGDCA/ BCA / B.Sc -IT/CS (min 50%)