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Why to study Education at Madhav University?

If you want to help students become mentors, role models and dream keepers, start by being that example and teaching them with a degree in education. Students who study education in the Madhav University open the door for their students to become something more. With a fast-paced and creative environment, not one day teaching is the same.

According to Bill Gates, if technology is the tool, the teacher is the motivator. The teacher is “the most important.” Education has always been the door to more. Teachers hold the key to a different future than what their students could have imagined. In a generation where the youth are often ostracized, teachers can be the inspiration to teach the students more than what they can read in a book. Teachers become mentors, role models, and dream keepers. International students who study education can help a generation of students to become mentors, role models and dream keepers themselves.

Studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate award in Education at Madhav University means benefitting from the expertise of a team that genuinely understands the needs of the education sector.

Course Offering :


Name of Course


Fees (Yearly)



B.Sc - B.Ed

4 Yrs

Rs. 55,000

12th (Gen. 50% SC/ST/OBC/Handicap 45%)


B.A - B.Ed

4 Yrs

Rs. 55,000

12th (Gen. 50% SC/ST/OBC/Handicap 45%)



2 Yrs

Rs. 65,000

Graduation (Gen. 50% SC/ST/OBC/Handicap 45%)


B.A (Fashion Designig)

4 Yrs

Rs. 45,000

2th (Gen. 50% SC/ST/OBC/Handicap 45%)