Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

An Introduction

Four Departments viz. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Life sciences are housed in Faculty of Basics & Applied Sciences, engaged in innovative teaching, practice and cutting-edge research. Faculty is a constituent organ of the Madhav University. The disciplinary departments aim to provide students with a broad foundation in fundamental principles, at the same time train them to apply this knowledge to real-life complex systems. The unique undergraduate curriculum at the University gives students the flexibility to choose multiple electives across departments. It provides them the opportunity to not only discover their academic passion but also enhance their engagement in the learning process through the individualization of their programs of study.The faculty offers courses leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Geography. The Faculty of Science steadily made significant strides in various disciplines of science and attracted students from all over India. The Faculty has focused its academic programme, with highly qualified faculty and strong commitment towards excellence in teaching and research in areas relevant to the modern society. It is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated experimental facilities to support the academic activities including research. Faculty departments received research grants from DST. There are several MoUs and international research collaborations. Recently, virtual labs have been established.


Education is an engine of economy. Committed, students centred, local and global need-based quality education with minimum costs at all levels, UG to post-doctoral ensures sustainable development of the society and enhances both the standard of living and quality of life of man, the last member of the society.


Committed to excellence in education, strives to take the students to their highest academic potential, generating in them self-esteem, respect for themselves and for others, harmony and tolerance in a structured, “Gurukul” like family oriented environment, that is to be achieved by committed faculties and staff members providing their students, on duly acknowledging student’s experience and knowledge, an atmosphere of caring, discipline and understanding. The Trust challenges its students to be responsible person with character, thoughtfulness, positive contribution to society and above all, national minded and nation making.

Academic Philosphy

Faculty originates from encouraging the students to meet their academic goals and to work hard to maximize their academic potential. The students, faculty and staff play active roles in our educational process and research so students get imbibed with the spirit of skill-sets, discovery, critical analysis, problem handling, decision making and love for lifelong learning, creativity, responsibility, collaboration, leadership, independent thinking, generic skills, and thereby enhancing opportunities for individuals, organizations and society as a whole.

Qulity Policy

The focus is on quality education and on-hand training inculcating such attributes as general aptitude skills, mathematical skills, problem solving skills, research oriented skills etc., in commensurate with respective discipline like effective communication, tomorrow’s science and professional ethics.