Guduchi : The Amrit from the Ayurveda

Guduchi : The Amrit from the Ayurveda

Botanical name- Tinosporsa Cordifolia
Family – Minispermaceae

It is commonly known as giloy. Its native palace is tropical areas like Myanmar & Sri lanka.

Synonyms of giloy are guduchi, amrita, cinnodbhava, jwarari, jwarnashini, kundali, guduchika, jivantika, tantrika, dhara, nagakanyaka, bhishakpriya, madhuparni, somvalli.

Chemical composition – berberine, phenylpropane, disaccharides, choline, tinosporin, tinosporon.

In terms of guna – guduchi is described

  • Laghu ( light)
  • Depanam ( increases digestive fire)
  • Chakshushyan (good for eyes)
  • Medhyan ( rejuventating for the mind)

The root stem, leaves, of the guduchi plant are all used medicinally in ayurveda although it is primarily the bitter starch of the plant ( known as “Giloy satva”). The stem is regarded to have anti purgative effects where as the leaves are mucilagious while the roots give anti emetic effects.

In charak samhita, guduchi is listed as having the following actions:-

  • Vatahara (alleviates vata)
  • Kaphahara (alleviates kapha)
  • Rakhtapittahara (alleviates bleeding disorder)
  • Vayaha sthapana (anti aging)
  • Stanyashodan (detoxifies breast milk)
  • Trishna nigrahana (alleviates thirst)
  • Daha prashman (alleviates burning)
  • Jwaraghna ( alleviates fever)

Acharya Charak classifies guduchi among astringents, vata alleviation, appetizers & pacifiers of kapha rakta and constipation. Acharya charak also lists guduchi as an ingredient in a paste prepared for treating skin disorder.

Guduchi ia also featured in a formula for gout which states that “ghee prepared with rasna, guduchi, madhuyasti (mulethi of both types), bala, jivaka, risabhaka along with milk & added bee wax is used as paste for alleviating vata rakta (gout).

Acharya Charak lists guduchi as main ingredient in taila formulation known as “Amrita taila”. He describes it as one of the best oils. It brings back to normalcy person with diminished energy, agni and strength, confused mind & suffering from insanity.


  • Giloy helps to remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that causes disease and also beneficial in liver disease and urinary tract infection.
  • Giloy is used by experts in treating heart related conditions & also beneficial to infertility.
  • It boosts immunity. As an universal herb helps in boosting immunity. It is power house of the anti oxidants.
  • Giloy is very beneficial in improving digestion and treating bowel related issues.
  • Giloy works as an anti inflammatory, anti pyretic & anti arthritic agent.
  • Giloy helps to treat arthritis due to anti inflammatory & anti arthritis properties.
  • Giloy contains anti aging properties that helps reduces dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles. It gives flawless & glowing skin.
  • Giloy also used in dengue because it increases the platelets count in dengue due to anti pyretic properties.
  • Giloy is an adaptogenic herbal medicine. It decreases mental stress and tension that’s why it is known for good health tonic for our body.
  • It also decreases hypertension and lipids concentration in our body through which helps in diabetes type 2 (also called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus).
  • Giloy helps in good digestion so that it can also be used in piles.
  • Guduchi is a rasayana or rejuvenator tonic which has the ability to pacify all three types of doshas and balance them in the body.
  • It balances vata dosha when taken with ghee, pitta with jaggery & kapha when taken with honey.
  • Giloy stem – 5ml juice work as good health tonic
  • Giloy + sugar – works in liver & skin disease
  • Giloy + jaggery – works as laxative
  • Grind Giloy leaves with buttermilk cures jaundice when taken 2 to 3 times daily with honey.
  • Giloys also work as a good de-worming agent when taken as a decoction early in the morning.

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