Voter awareness program organized in Madhav University

Navjyoti/Sirohi | A voter awareness program was organized by NSS in the Faculty of Education at Madhav University, Bhujela. On this occasion, faculty members and students of the Faculty of Education expressed their views related to elections and voting. On this occasion, faculty member Dr. Deepak Pancholi underlined the importance of voting and inspired everyone to cast as many votes as possible. On this occasion, NSNS Director Dr. Devendra Mujhalda advised the students to vote as much as possible by adding their names to the voter card. In the same program, faculty member Dr. Satya Prakash Tiwari motivated the students to vote, while Dr. Akhilesh Kumar presented a poem related to the importance of voting. On this occasion, Sangeeta Singh, in charge of NSS Unit 2, administered the oath to the students for voting. At the end of the program, Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar Gautam, in charge of NSS Unit 2, appealed to the students to vote as well as participate in the elections and take part in politics and thanked everyone. In the program, mainly all the faculty members of the education department and students like Sukharam, Chirag Jitesh, etc. also expressed their views. The stage in the program was conducted by faculty member Govind Kumar.