Stress Management through Shirodhara

Stress Management through Shirodhara

In ayurvedic & yogic science there are number of procedures explained for relaxation of body and mind. By these procedures like meditation and relaxation therapy. The mind & body comes down to a relax state, it reduces mental stress and tension helps in normal & better function of mind.

Stress is the body’s method of reaction to a condition such as threat, challenge, or physical and psychological barrier. Stress can affect peoples of all ages, gender and circumstances. By definition stress is an uncomfortable “emotional experience accompanied by biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes”.

Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from ancient natural medical system (Ayurveda). Shirodhara has an impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes, and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.

Shirodhara is delightfully, soothing and exotic experience beneficial for insomnia, anxiety, stress and fatigue. Shirodhara is primarily a procedure of abhyanga (massage).

Shirodhara is a classical & well established ayurvedic procedure of slowly & steadily dripping medicate oil or other liquid on the forehead. The word “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” means stream of oil or herbal liquid. This process induces a relaxed state of mind and body. Shirodhara is one of the most powerful treatment for anxiety, fatigue & psychological disorder. Well 80% of the diseases are mainly related to stress, depression & anxiety.

Shirodhara is traditionally done as a part of the Panchkarma cleansing process using specially prepared medicated oil. It is also safe and effective method as a stand-alone therapy. Shirodhara is pouring of warm oil continuously over forehead areas where nerves are highly concentrated. The pressure of oil on forehead creates a vibration. The oil saturates the forehead and scalp and penetrates into nervous system.

The rhythm of the oil trickling (dripping) of oil on forehead, which helps for evoke deep cognitive memories, bodily tissues are transformed & good health is restored. A total state of wellness is induced through this process. Shirodhara technique depends on the medium for dripping.

Shirodhara is a titillating (stimulating interest) form of snehana treatment. Where by the oil or therapeutic substance methodically drips along a course thread onto the forehead.

  • A metal or clay vessels, dhara patra (vessels) is suspended, directly above the forehead. This treatment involves pouring of medicated oil over forehead of patient. Most commonly sesame oil is used for treatment.
  • Shirodhara with brahmi oil is beneficial for moderate to severe insomnia. Brahmi is one of the most satvik herbs known in ayurveda since vedic times. It aids in recovery from exhaustion stress, debility and aggravation.
  • Shirodhara with bala oil which is known beneficial for effects on all sensory organs and to make patient calm. Continues putting of bala oil on forehead gives tranquilizing effect and induces sleep.
  • Lavender shirodhara gives soothing effect. Lavender oil stimulates olfactory nerves and impulses are transmitted to hypothalamus to soothe the mood and alter the ANS (autonomic nervous system).
  • Shirodhara with luke warm milk effects on management of anidra (insomnia) due madhur rasa, snidha guna, sheet veerya and madhur vipak. It helps to increase tamo gunna which induces sleep.
  • Takra dhara is beneficial in hair & skin problems.
  • Time limit for shirodhara – 10 to 14 mnts (as per required basis)

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