Training & Placement Officer

The Training and Placement Office, is a meeting place for the students of MADHAV and transnational corporate executives. Madhav is proud of its students who have been serving the nation in various capacities ranging from CEOs to Industrialists, Entrepreneurs to Astronauts. I take pride in introducing to you the present batch of Madhav, which has been formed in the wake of a wave of innovation and various technical advancements throughout the world.

All the students of Madhav undergo a internship during courses in various companies and research institutes. An enabling environment is made for these students, giving them a choice of cultural clubs and technical societies in order to develop them as creators, performers and problem solvers. I am confident that these students will make a mark wherever they go and make their alma mater proud.

The most frequently cited accolades regarding our students from the organizations which are regular recruiters from Madhav include their ability to learn quickly, versatility, their performance as team players, excellent analytical skills, and most importantly the positive attitude that they bring to their jobs. To coordinate the activities of placement, a committee of student representatives has been constituted. It’s my privilege to welcome you to Madhav University and commence this fruitful relationship.

Training and Placement Officer