Academic Blocks / Lecture Halls

Madhav University has a multistoried academic block which houses different faculties for better coordination and understanding of the course curriculum available for the students for multiple entries and multiple exits, enabling the students to choose, perfectly aligned with the National Education Policy-2020. The lecture halls are enabled with modern information technology, like projectors and sound systems to make learning easily understandable and practical. Madhav University is committed to providing an effective and enjoyable learning experience for the students as our course curriculum has been so designed to help students to succeed in their studies in a dynamic and technology-friendly environment with an entrepreneur mindset.


Library is ocean of knowledge & heart of any Institute. Our University's Central library is fully automated & well stocked with more than 20 thousand books and separate additional departmental libraries which provides access to a large spectrum of text and reference books of Indian and foreign authors, besides e-journals, a number of journals, magazines, periodicals, information bulletins and news papers.

Laboratories & Workshops

Madhav University offers a wide range of advanced laboratories and workshops equipped specifically for academic disciplines such as Physiotherapy, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, and many more. The Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology-based high-tech sophisticated instruments, providing hands-on learning experiences to students across the faculties. The Workshop also offers specialized training like Machine shop and Welding shop etc. for better practical knowledge Similarly, a separate and specious Engineering Drawing Hall is available for students to improve their design skills. This commitment to top-notch facilities reflects the university's dedication to academic excellence and skill development.

Seminar Hall

Centrally air-conditioned seminar Halls and Conference Halls are available at the University campus which are spacious and IT enabled well-equipped with all latest audio-visual facilities for organizing academic, administrative and ceremonial functions at the campus.


At MU, we prioritize your comfort and safety by providing separate girls' and boys' hostels, as well as an air-conditioned hostel for international students. Seperate warden and supporting staff for each hostel are available to support and help the students for their personal and other problems. Our hostels offer 24/7 medical assistance and are designed in such a way that bring harmony among students to ensure that every student feels a sense of being at home.


The Cafeteria/canteen facilities are available at University campus, offering a wide variety of delicious and healthy food options for the students and faculty members. A monitoring committee including the representatives of students regularly monitors the quality of food, other sanitary conditions and complaints about the canteen management etc for effective and hassle-free functioning of the canteens at the campus.

Medical Facility

Beyond nurturing your mind, we prioritize your health at top priority. Our multi-specialty hospital ensures a healthy academic experience keeping you healthy and smiling. Equipped with best possible medical facilities and staffed by highly trained medical professionals. we ensure highest standard of healthcare to our students. We care for you so that you can focus on your education.


Madhav University's transportation system is well-managed having convenient pickup and drop-off points for students and the staff and runs at no-profit and no-loss policy. Our modern buses are comfortable and safe, making the journey peaceful from different parts in and around the city. Our transportation service aims to reduce the stress of commuting, so you can focus on your studies or work.


The University provides a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students, including basketball, badminton, football, cricket, volleyball, and table tennis. They actively support student participation in sports competitions at all levels nationally and internationally, as well. Future plans include developing specific grounds for hockey, football, and cricket to expand sporting opportunities for the students.


The University has already initiated a process to open a branch of a Nationalized Bank to bank at the university campus and the installation may soon be completed in near future. However, A 24-hour ATM facility is already available in the University Campus, ensuring convenient access to banking services round the clock.

Gym & Yoga

Madhav University's Yoga center promotes overall well-being by focusing on physical, mental, and emotional balance. It's a peaceful place where students and faculty can explore self-discovery and inner growth. Led by expert instructors, yoga sessions offer various techniques to improve mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance wellness. The center is essential for balancing academic studies with personal well-being, empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Join us at Madhav University to experience the transformative benefits of yoga!

Admissions Open for 2024-25 | Attention students! The cash fees will not be taken at the fee counter and the fees will have to be deposited online only from 23.02.2024