About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a key administrative entity responsible for setting and monitoring long-term quality standards in education, research, and administration within an institution. Its main role is to initiate, plan and monitor various activities, promoting academic excellence by facilitating consistent improvement in the academic, research, and administrative performance of the university.

Members of IQAC

Prof. Rajeev Mathur (President)

Chairperson Prof. Rajeev Mathur (President)
Teachers to represent all level Dr. Khushboo Sharma
Dr. Amit Kumar
Dr. Amarjeet Kumar
Dr. Ruchi Thakkar
Dr. R. S. Chundawat
Mrs. S. Mahalakshmi
One member from the management Dr. Bhavesh Kumawat (Registrar)
Senior Administrative Officers Dr. Mukesh Kumar Mahawar
Mr. Dungar Singh
Student Nominee Harsh Agrawal
Alumni Nominee Sujeet Jha
Stakeholder Nominee Mr. Balanand Jha
Mrs. Sudhira Devi Jha
Co-ordinator of IQAC Dr. R. S. Chundawat

Goals of IQAC

  • The IQAC aims to create a system that continuously improves the academic and administrative performance of the institution through conscious and consistent efforts.
  • It also encourages the adoption of quality culture within the institution and theimplementation of best practices to enhance the overall functioning of the institution.


Our vision is to cultivate an autonomous educational framework firmly rooted in a culture of quality across all levels of Madhav University.


We are dedicated to furnishing a versatile and inclusive contemporary multidisciplinary knowledge platform, fostering the growth of tomorrow’s leaders for both India and the global community.

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