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Shape your future at the best engineering college in Rajasthan - Madhav University's Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Our cutting-edge programs are meticulously crafted to facilitate your learning journey. Our team of highly experienced educators will impart essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting complex errors. Additionally, our extensive network of alumni stands ready to offer guidance and valuable insights to pave the way for your successful future. Our state-of-the-art labs and modern facilities provide an optimal learning environment, while our tech-savvy classrooms are equipped with all the necessary tools to support your academic endeavors. Madhav University is a haven for tech enthusiasts and aspiring engineers alike. Join us and embark on a journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Let me see the culture of teaching and learning of Madhav University with the word “ACADEMICS” that involves Academic staffs. Our faculties and technical staffs, who play pivotal role in an education system, have the right expertise and motivation to raising the students and ensure they become role models for them. An educational institution is converted into “TEMPLE OF LEARNING” through continuous efforts of its academic staff and our university is making all efforts to ensure. Apart from world class teaching and learning environment created by the university, we are continuously involved in Curriculum review and development and ensure meet the international standards. 

Further, our strong association with industry, academia and other bodies help us to enterprise in new dimensions to propose new programs or specializations. We have readily adapted the latest technologies and incorporated ICT tools which are part of our teaching – learning including online and offline content delivery.

We have smart classrooms and we ensure interactive as well as participative learning through videos, and animations, that made the learning more interesting and students remain inquisitive.We have ensured multidisciplinary approach like Value Added Courses, Seminars, Webinars, that can be easily managed online involving national / international experts from across the globe.

We ensure our students get right kind of training to make them industry ready and fit for their career pathways. Our University provide a conducive environment to ensure students are easily absorbed in industry and seeking positions in the corporate sector, government sector, start ups, research institutions, higher studies in Indian / foreign institutions, social work with NGOs etc.

Our Syllabus is best and we understand that we are preparing our students for the future needs and not for today. The Content is designed taking into consideration the local, national, global needs including burning issues of society such as environment, climate change, sustainability, resilience etc. In addition, we have huge number of foreign students who are pursuing their degrees in better mode.

We always ensure our students to have the right skill to be set as desired by the industry. This is ensured through active participation of our students in co-curricular/extra-curricular activities, national / international level technical events like skills competition, as well as other events organized by reputed institutions in the field of Homeopathy,Engineering, law, agriculture, management, pharmacy, Life Sciences, fire and safety, arts etc.

I, being the DeanAcademics, welcome you to join Madhav University and enjoy the multidisciplinary culture having lush green beautiful campus with solar lights in the Doom Valley and Make sure you become the game changer in your own life.

Best wishes for a fruitful academic journey.

Dr. V.Narasiman

Dean FOET, Madhav University

Programs We Offer

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (B.Tech CS)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Master of Technology (M.Tech)

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Master in Information Technology (M.Sc.IT)


Dr. V. Narasiman


Dr. B. Mani Kumar

Associate Professor

Mr.Bhagwan Meena


Mr. Dilip Prajapat


Mrs. Mahalakshmi Sampath

HOD & Professor

Mrs. Sangeeta Singh

Associate Professor


Associate Professor

Mr.Narayan singh

Associate Professor

Mr.Vikram Suthar


Mr.Kaushal Barot

Assistant professor

Why Study at MU

Sustainable development has been one of the most essential needs of the modern society, this has created a huge platform for architects to come up and innovate various building concepts and ideas on which they can fully develop safe and sustainable building structures.

The program is a skill-based course, thus it imparts within the individual a specific skill set therefore providing them with the ability to develop and grow their career anyway they choose. An architecture may either choose to work under a firm or be independent.

The emergence of technology and various forms of machinery, the depth of modern-day architecture has widened in its scope, as tasks which were initially believed to be difficult, have now become possible.

The career opportunities which come with this program are endless, and each one of them allow students to be a part of any of the high paying career prospects in fields such as Govt. Departments, Local Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Educational Institutions, Professional Consultancies, Private Practice, Semi Government Sectors and Non- Governmental Organizations.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is committed to fostering a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to think innovatively and shape the future. Our dedication lies in delivering exceptional education, nurturing creativity, and instilling a profound sense of responsibility. Through pioneering research, innovative teaching approaches, and meaningful partnerships, our goal is to equip students with the necessary skills and mindset to tackle global challenges and drive societal progress.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a renowned center of excellence in engineering and technology education on a global scale. We aim to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters curiosity, facilitates the expansion of knowledge, and encourages the emergence of groundbreaking discoveries. Through the promotion of a culture centered on continuous learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and ethical leadership, we envision our graduates as catalysts of positive change, driving innovation and advancement in the constantly evolving field of engineering and technology.

Admissions Open for 2024-25 | Important Notice: For Students and Parents Regarding Admission and Fee Payments | Attention students! The cash fees will not be taken at the fee counter and the fees will have to be deposited online only from 23.02.2024 | Notice for Admit Card