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Explore the world of science at Rajasthan’s top Basic and Applied Sciences College. Our programs provide a solid foundation in understanding fundamental scientific principles and their real-world applications. Immerse yourself in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our dedicated faculty through practical experiences that make concepts come alive. From core theories to practical skills, our curriculum prepares you for the challenges of the modern world. Madhav University is dedicated to nurturing curiosity and critical thinking, empowering students to delve into diverse scientific realms. Join us in the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences for an exciting journey of exploration and knowledge. Your pathway to a future shaped by understanding and discovery awaits at Madhav University.

As Dean Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, it`s my pleasure to welcome you at our esteemed institution. The programs offered, develops an interdisciplinary approach in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. Subject areas for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs are Physics, Mathematics Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology and Microbiology. The curricular aspects of all the programs are NEP based and are targeted to provide hand-on exposure to develop skills along with a chance to explore subject area of student`s choice. We take immense pride in our students' accomplishments, many of them securing positions in different government organizations and private Industries. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic development ensures that every student must equip with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their selected area. I encourage you to make the most of your time here at Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, as it is a journey that will shape your future and pave the way for your success.

Best wishes for a fruitful academic journey.

Prof. R.S. Chundawat

Dean FOBAS, Madhav University

Programs We Offer


M.Sc. (Physics)

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

M.Sc. (Microbiology)

M.Sc. (Zoology)

M.Sc. (Botany)

M.Sc. (Mathematics)


Dr. Jigar Soni

Assistant Professor

Dr. K.S Dahiya

Professor (Botany)

Dr. Pawan Kumar Swarnkar

Associate Professor

Dr. Farman Ali

Associate Professor

Dr. Shahzad Ali

Associate Professor

Mr. Tapesh Gautam

Associate Professor

Dr. Sanjay Adhikari

Associate Professor

Dr. Bhavinkumar

Associate Professor

Dr. Aasha Rana

Associate Professor

Dr.Mamtaben Ashokbhai Soni

Associate Professor

Why Study at MU

Sustainable development has been one of the most essential needs of the modern society, this has created a huge platform for architects to come up and innovate various building concepts and ideas on which they can fully develop safe and sustainable building structures.

The program is a skill-based course, thus it imparts within the individual a specific skill set therefore providing them with the ability to develop and grow their career anyway they choose. An architecture may either choose to work under a firm or be independent.

The emergence of technology and various forms of machinery, the depth of modern-day architecture has widened in its scope, as tasks which were initially believed to be difficult, have now become possible.

The career opportunities which come with this program are endless, and each one of them allow students to be a part of any of the high paying career prospects in fields such as Govt. Departments, Local Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Educational Institutions, Professional Consultancies, Private Practice, Semi Government Sectors and Non- Governmental Organizations.

Our Mission

At Madhav University’s Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, our mission is to deliver a comprehensive and cutting-edge education in the fundamental sciences. We are committed to fostering a culture of inquiry, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through rigorous academic programs, experiential learning, and research opportunities, we strive to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful and impactful careers in diverse scientific fields.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in Basic and Applied Sciences education, the Faculty at Madhav University aims to cultivate a community of scholars and innovators contributing significantly to scientific knowledge and advancements. Our vision is to create a dynamic learning environment that inspires curiosity, critical thinking, and transformative research, preparing students for leadership roles in the ever-evolving landscape of science.

Admissions Open for 2024-25 | Attention students! The cash fees will not be taken at the fee counter and the fees will have to be deposited online only from 23.02.2024