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Nurturing compassion, breaking stigma, and shaping a healthier tomorrow.

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Discover a transformative educational experience in Clinical Psychology at Madhav University. Our programs are crafted to empower students with the expertise needed to create positive changes in mental health. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning, students develop proficiency in dynamic methodologies, cross-cultural understanding, and personalized therapeutic approaches. Our commitment is to nurture empathetic professionals who actively contribute to destigmatizing mental health, conducting groundbreaking research, and implementing transformative strategies. Join us in shaping a society that values emotional well-being and supports diverse populations on their unique paths towards comprehensive mental wellness.


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Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Mission

Embarking on our mission, we are committed to providing an immersive education in clinical psychology, emphasizing dynamic methodologies, cross-cultural proficiency, and hands-on skills. Our dedication lies in nurturing empathetic professionals who actively contribute to destigmatizing mental health, spearheading groundbreaking research, and implementing tailored therapeutic strategies. Through active collaboration with communities, we strive to empower diverse populations on their unique paths towards comprehensive mental wellness.

Our Vision

In our forward-looking perspective, the Department of Clinical Psychology at Madhav University envisions a world where mental health is universally recognized, shaping a compassionate society that not only accepts but also celebrates the diverse tapestry of emotional well-being.

Admissions Open for 2024-25 | Attention students! The cash fees will not be taken at the fee counter and the fees will have to be deposited online only from 23.02.2024